Fun Sensory Bags

   Quick and Easy Sensory Project

    Finding ways to add sensory time into an already busy day can be very hard! I know that it is important for children to experience as many different textures, substances and feelings as possible so that they can learn and grow. However finding the time to get all that learning in can be almost impossible. I found a very easy trick to getting sensory time in with Sensory Bags!!

What are sensory bags you ask? Well they are just plastic Ziploc bags that are filled with goo or water and then any little item you want. The bag is sealed so that it can’t leak and the kids can play with the bags anywhere they want. You do have to make sure that you supervise young children because they shouldn’t put the bags in their mouths. The cool thing about these bags is that there are so many different kinds that you can make. It is an easy project and kids will love them from 9 months old and up!

I created a few of these bags in order to get sensory time in for my 9 month old but where he couldn’t eat any of the little toys. He puts absolutely everything in his mouth so these bags are perfect. He is able to play with the little pieces of confetti or little plastic toys and I don’t have to worry about making an ER trip. I do make sure to watch him while he plays AT ALL TIMES with the bags just to make sure he doesn’t bite the bag.

I was able to create a few different bags in just 15 minutes from start to finish! See I told you it was an easy project =)

IMG_7639 - Edited (1)

Materials that you will need are:

* 2 large Ziploc bags
* Hair Gel or body wash (I used some from the 99¢ store)
* Confetti, googly eyes, little toys (I also got from the 99¢ store)
* Packing tape (Clear simple tape)

Assembly of the bags:

1) Take a bag and fill it with the liquid that you chose. I chose to make one with blue hair gel and water and the second with green body wash and water. You can use shampoo, conditioner, or even just water. The idea is to give the kids something that moves and catches their eye and the squish factor helps.

2) Next fill the bag with the confetti and little toys that you have chosen. This is a good time to add whatever items your child is interested in. Do keep in mind that these items will be submerge in liquid so don’t choose something that could melt or disintegrate in the bag.

**Examples of fillers: Confetti, plastic letters, plastic toys, googlie eyes, holiday themed toys, Lego’s.

3) Once you have added the toys you will try and squeeze out some of the air that is in the bag. This way the kids won’t pop the bag while they are playing with it. Just make sure that all the liquid stays in the bag and away from the top where it gets sealed off.

4) Zip or clip up the bag and grab the packing tape. Use the tape to reinforce the seal. You don’t want any liquid swishing out so tape it up pretty well. I used clear tape so that it looked better however any colored tape in OK as long as it’s tough.


Yay!! You now have a sensory bag for your little one. They can squish and move the bag. They can shake it and even maybe point out to you the different items that are in the bag. Hopefully your little one will play with the bags for hours unlike my little guy who lasted about 2 minutes. I’m sure when he gets a little bit older he will enjoy them for a longer period.

Adding these fun quick and inexpensive crafts into your busy day is not hard at all and will not only bring joy to your kids but you will enjoy seeing them have so much fun.

Anything is possible with these sensory bags so have fun using your imagination. You can even let your kids help choose the items that go into the bag.

IMG_7636 (Up close of the actual insides)

    I hope you enjoyed and leave a comment below if you want more posts like this. Also don’t forget to post a picture of the sensory bags you make so that we can all get new ideas.

xoxo Megan

****DISCLAIMER: As with any toy you need to supervise your children when they play with these sensory bags. If something is toxic don’t use it because the child might put it in their mouths! Take care when choosing the bag and toy types and make them appropriate for the age of the child.****

#10 Things I Would Tell My Pregnant Self

10 Things I Would Tell My Pregnant Self

    When you’re pregnant so many people have advice for you about anything and everything. Some of the advice might be good or it might sound completely crazy to you. You might take the advice with grace or your preggo hormones might make you freak out on the person. Either way advice is coming your way!

    After the pregnancy is all said and done you might feel like the best advice for your brand new pregnant self would be from YOU!! If only we had a time machine to go back and tell our pregnant selves what we need to hear. So let’s pretend that we do for today and talk about what I would tell my pregnant self =) Here we go…..

  1. Keep a Journal: I remember that while I was pregnant I took a picture each month to see how my belly grew over the months. I love that I have those to look back on however I wish there was more. Taking pictures are good but you forget all the little details. During the 9+ months so much about your body and life changes and all those memories will not stay in your mind. Pregnancy brain is a real thing and it doesn’t leave when the baby is born, in my case it got worse after baby. So I wish that I had kept a journal of how I was feeling, how the baby grew and such throughout the whole pregnancy. It would be nice to look back on and maybe my kids would want to look at it later in life. Next pregnancy I will be definitely keeping a pregger journal!
  2. Expect the Unexpected: Being a first time mom I had a lot of expectations. When I say a lot I mean A LOT!! I believed that the pregnancy would go a certain way, perfect, and the delivery would be a certain way. Well lets just say that was not how it happened. My pregnancy was a good and easy one however it was not perfect. I got the stretch marks and all the wonderful pregnancy symptoms, which is completely normal! My delivery was nowhere near what I was expecting. My water broke 3 weeks early without anything else starting so that meant induction was necessary. So 20 hours later he came into the world. I had a very hard recovery and was very disappointed in how it all went. Looking back now I know that it really doesn’t matter how the baby comes into the world. The most important part is that he or she is healthy and you are healthy. I would tell my pregnant self to expect anything and everything so that I wouldn’t be as shocked or upset with what happens.
  3. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others: Every woman is different which means that every pregnancy will be different. It’s very hard to not look at other pregnant women and ask yourself why you aren’t exactly like them. I remember talking to my husband about how a woman I knew who was pregnant was showing before I did even though I was further along. In my head my pregnancy should have been like everyone else and I felt less special if it wasn’t. I know it sounds insane but the things pregnant women think are a little on the crazy side. So I would tell my pregnant self to relax and not compare myself to others. My baby is growing the way he should and he is an individual so the pregnancy will be different than others. I might have enjoyed each stage of pregnancy more if I had this piece of advice.
  4. Pamper Yourself: You are important! Don’t ever think that having a baby is easy. It will be the most exhausting thing you ever do both physically and mentally because it is a non stop 24/7 process. Since it is so taxing on your body you need to make sure to pamper yourself. Take care of your body by getting massages, pedicures, manicures and anything else that is good for your body. When you take care of your body you will make yourself feel better and that will be beneficial to your mental state. If mama isn’t happy then nobody’s happy. I was able to get pedicures a few times while pregnant however next time around I will get them more often and I also will get prenatal massages on a regular basis. Mama needs to be pampered in order to relax and enjoy that growing baby. You deserve it!!
  5. Maternity Clothes: We get new school clothes each year. We get new church or play clothes each year. We even spend the money on vacation clothes yet when it comes to maternity clothes most mom’s to be don’t spend the money on them. I was one of those women. In my mind I thought “why spend the money if I will only be pregnant for 9 months”. Wow 9 months is a long time to just get by on what you have. A size medium or even large shirt will only stretch so far and those size 8 jeans will be way too small way too quick. You might only wear the outfits a few times before you grow out of them but it doesn’t matter. No matter what, you need to be comfortable and the only things that will get you there are maternity clothes. Trust me once you wear a pair of maternity leggings or jeans you will never want to go back to regular clothes. I was fortunate to have my mom and grandma very excited about the whole baby thing so they bought me the majority of my maternity clothes. Now looking back I wish I had made the plunge sooner and just bought clothes when I needed them. Also everyone loves to get new clothes and the right fitting clothes will make you feel amazing about yourself! Once again you deserve it!!  
  6. Don’t Rush the Pregnancy: During the first 13 weeks of my pregnancy I was sick sick sick! Since that feeling of a constant hangover was not fun I would constantly try to get to the next week of my pregnancy. The idea of “I can’t wait until I get to 15 weeks then 30″ and so on. I felt like I kept looking forward instead of just being in the moment that I was in at the time. Each stage of pregnancy is amazing in its own way and you will never get it back. Yes you might get pregnant again but you are only pregnant with that baby one time. Enjoy each step without trying to move on to the next one. The end will come in a flash and it’s important to soak up as much of that awesome baby in your belly as you can before they are out running your world upside down.
  7. Meal Prep: Food, food, food, food!! It might be all that you’re thinking about once you get to the end of your pregnancy. Use that desire for food in your advantage by cooking more and stockpiling your fridge. Once your little one comes home it’s going to be so difficult to cook anything. Even if you have the time there will not be enough energy from either you or your partner to whip up a meal like you used to make before baby. If you are nursing it’s very important to get a lot of calories but healthy calories. The easy way to accomplish this is to make the meals and freeze them before the baby comes. You can either make specific meals all in one day and freeze them or just make extras each meal and freeze the leftovers. Either way you will be happy to have those meals to go to after baby comes home. I was able to do a little of this meal prep however because my little man decided to come 3 weeks early I didn’t get too much done. Next baby my freezer will be stocked a month before baby is due.
  8. Babymoon: Night away, week away, exotic, simple, it really doesn’t matter what type of “babymoon” you take but make sure to take one. A babymoon is a little vacation for you and your partner to take before the craziness of baby town is thrown on you. If you are able to do any type of vacation do it! I think this is the number one thing I would tell my pregnant self. My husband and I were able to get away for a few different trips however I wish we had done more. All the trips we plan now are about 100 times more difficult. We get so overwhelmed with all the baby things we would have to deal with that it doesn’t even sound like fun. Don’t get me wrong we still go places and we plan on taking him on vacations it’s just a much bigger deal than before. I believe that it is a very important time for a couple right before baby comes. It’s the only time until your kids move out of the house that you will be just the two of you. Take advantage and get the vacations in. Vacations will happen after baby but not for a while and it will never be the same.
  9. Advice: Everyone, their moms, their dads and any grandma in the area will have advice for you. It’s amazing how social and talkative people are when they see that you pregnant. Either they have advice or they ask the most personal questions ever. “How much weight have you gained” “Oh you’re so small” “Don’t eat that, you’re pregnant”. They act as if you have no idea that you are pregnant. How could you not know your pregnant!! The crazy things people say will AMAZE you. I know that it’s hard to not take what everyone says personally however you shouldn’t worry too much. Like the saying goes “Take what they say with a grain of salt”. Listen to the advice that you want to and forget the rest. Strangers dont know you and so you don’t need to listen to anything they say. You are the one who is pregnant and you know best. People are going to say what they are going to say and don’t take that to heart.
  10. Enjoy Life: Last but certainly not least, is to enjoy the life you have at this very moment. I believe that this is good advice for anyone at any stage in their life. Your world will never be the same so you need to try and enjoy it for what it is. Life might not be too easy being pregnant but once that baby comes it will get about 100 times more hectic. Having a baby is hard and raising a baby is even harder. For example I can’t just say “Oh let’s go get dinner”. Going out calls for a stocked diaper bag, a baby, bottles, toys and energy! It takes about an hour and sometimes more to get out of the house with a baby. I wish I had cherished the easy way of life before I got pregnant and had the baby. Life is amazingly awesome being a mom it is just much more hectic and I wish I would have enjoyed the simplicity before.

Hopefully you were able to take at least one little piece of advice that I’ve shared with you today. Pregnancy is hard and everyone experiences it differently and that’s the beauty of being a mom! We might not be able to go back and tell ourselves something we have learned, however we can use that knowledge to make better decisions for ourselves in the future.

***If you liked this topic please come check out my YouTube channel where I discuss motherhood, family and everyday life in a fun an exciting way!!***

xoxo Megan

What was in my Hospital Bag?

Mommy’s Hospital Bag

    Yay its almost time for baby to be here!! Everything is ready for his or her arrival so now its time to pack the hospital bags. If you’re anything like me you spend so much time thinking about what to pack that you end up with a huge list for you, baby and your partner. From experience I will tell you that about half or more of those items on your list are not needed, however you will probably pack them anyways and that’s OK. What to pack and what not to pack for this new adventure?

Packing for Mommy:

    Honestly your bag is the most important because the hospital will pretty much supply you with everything you might need for that sweet little baby. Yes the hospital will give you some things, for yourself, but after having a baby you are a hot mess and having some comforts from home make it manageable :)



  • Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Toothpaste and toothbrush

  • Mouthwash

  • Hair brush, Hair ties (if you have long hair)

  • Deodorant

  • Body wash, Face wash

  • Makeup remover wipes

  • Makeup Basics: Simple easy to apply makeup

  • Chapstick/Lip Gloss

  • Lotion

  • Hand Sanitizer

For Delivery:

  • Fuzzy Robe

  • Slippers

  • Socks

  • Flip Flops

For Recovery:

  • Nursing Tanks (if breastfeeding)

  • Nursing Bra (comfortable)

  • Loose fitting shirt

  • Stretchy comfortable pants (I recommend black)

  • Pj’s (Nightgowns work really well)

  • Sweater/Jacket (Either to keep you warm or cover up what you don’t want people to see)

  • Going home outfit (As comfortable as possible)


  • Cell phone

  • Camera

  • Any chargers

  • A cozy blanket from home

  • A pillow if you want your own

  • Mints/gum, hard candy, easy snacks, water bottles (for others and for you after labor)

  • Ipod/headphones for music

  • Nursing pillow and nipple cream (if breastfeeding)

  • Trash bag (take home all the dirty clothes)

**Don’t Pack**:

  • Hair dryer, Curler, Straightener

  • Expensive custom made gown (honestly you wont need it)

  • Magazines

  • computer

  • games

  • movies

  • reading book

**Pretty much don’t pack anything extra. You might think you will need them to keep yourself “busy” but you won’t. You are going to be very busy delivering a baby or sleeping.**

The Bag:

I packed all my, baby boy’s and my husband’s things into one bag. Next time I wont be doing this because it was hard to find what I needed right then and there. I however did like that I packed the big rolling suitcase. It was large enough to bring home anything we got from the hospital or presents that people brought for us along with all dirty clothes. The bag was also easy enough for anyone to move around. Next time I will pack a rolling suitcase for me and maybe a small backpack for baby. My husband will be home with our little boy next time around so he won’t need a hospital bag.

Important Documents:

It is VERY important to have a folder in your bag that contains any important paperwork you might need for the hospital. Such paperwork might be:

  • Hospital Registration Forms

  • Driver License

  • Birth Plan

  • Emergency Numbers

  • Pediatrician Information

**The folder will also come in handy when you are leaving the hospital and have about a hundred different forms and loose papers that are important. You can fill up the folder and stash it into your bag for the long trip home.**

Hopefully you all got an idea or two about what you might want to pack in your hospital bag. I wish you all a big congratulations on your newest little bundle of awesomeness!! The idea of having a baby turns out to be scarier than the actual experience (in my opinion). So relax and enjoy this wonderful adventure.

xoxo Megan

Hello world!

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Welcome to Days of May Blog

    Hi Everyone and welcome to my new blog!! I am ready to get this blog going so that I can share experiences of Motherhood, Family and everyday Life!!

This blog will be full of fun posts that I hope you all enjoy as much as I do =)

Once I get a few posts out I plan to stick to a posting schedule such as:

Mommy Mondays: Each Monday I will post about anything to do with being a mommy. This could be where I talk about a baby product, mommy product, or give an update on my life. I will keep this day dedicated to everything mommy related!

Try it out Tuesdays: Tuesdays will be filled with craft projects, new recipes, or anything that is new for me to try out. I will find things on Pinterest and other sites and try them out to see how well they work. I will also ask for any new ideas from all of you! This will be a fun way for us all to learn about new things.

Whatever Wednesdays: Who? What? When? Where? Why? Wednesdays will be all about the 5 W’s. Each week I will address a different “W” with a new and exciting adventure, story or interesting thought. Anything can happen on a Wednesday and that is exciting!!

Throwback Thursdays: Want to find out who I am and where I come from well Thursday is the day. Each Thursday I will throw it on back to my past in order to tell you a story and let you get to know me a little bit better.

Fun Fridays: Everyone loves Fridays right?!? Well this blog will have fun activities, adventures or funny stories to read each Friday. Every week will be different and new so make sure to stop on by each week to see what we are up to =)

I really hope you enjoy my blog and please make sure to leave me friendly comments so that we can become friends!!

xoxo Megan